Sheep Ship

She glitters. Out on the horizon. Set off by the sun sinking softly. Clouds spitting, a spray of tangelo, ruby-red, and crimson – all thick and fat and fighting; excited and busted, gushing, broken-open, lusting. Biting one another. All over that fuck-off smash of a sky. Ship of death, ship of doom, leaking shit. A lanolin smear. A urine cloud. Hanging hot. Hanging heavy. Smudge of stillness. In the port.


boys with backs that’ll break you apart

photograph of a city at night taken from a plane

iii: You were so cold, he said, that day I saw you. I lay on a mattress on the floor, and watched him dance like a miracle. Taut black back, tattooed and twisting. Hips swiveling.

iv: Speeding through a morning’s dark, sharing sugary coffee. Toward the water we were always hurtling. Hurling ourselves. For  waves. For fish. For life. For the stars. To the stars we span.

v. Surprise visits and soft-lipped kisses from another lautan asmara. Milky chance I stole her dance. Just a boy to go bump in the night with.






When things go…

wrong. Why do they go wrong in multitudes?

I’ve had food poisoning three times here. Twice was on days I had long distance travel; once was a flight and once was a long (10hour) car trip. The third time was at home, but the night before I got ill, I got a flat tire and couldn’t get myself anywhere to get myself anything. 

Today I have a flight to Bali. I booked it back in August because a friend of mine from Australia was coming to Bali for a week. I woke up early and noticed my phone hadn’t charged overnight. Annoying. I decided not to take my laptop as the trip is nust for the weekend. I got ready and ordered a Gojek through the Gojek app. 

The app kept refreshing itself for new drivers constantly. I was kind of groaning because the drivers call to check where you are and I never fully understand if they’re coming or not. 

The app kept refreshing and ordering me new drivers. They would call and I would assume the previous driver had declined the job. So, I ended up with one driver arriving and another driver on the way. I was so pissed off. I couldn’t explain to the driver that the second driver was on the way, and that it wasn’t my fault. He was so angry. He probably understood what was happening, but these guys are (understandably) desperate for $$ that if they think they’re going to lose out, they totally freak. 

Anyway, I arrived at the airport at like 7am for my 8.20 flight. The security guy at the gate was looking strangely at my itinerary but said nothing. I entered the airport and was looking for the check in counter. There was nothing open. 

Eventually, some rando dude in uniform approached me and was looking for the desk for me. He couldn’t find it either and was like ‘oh. It will open at 7.30’. I was thinking, ‘well, that’s fucking weird and not true because my flight leaves at 8.20. He probably has no idea but doesn’t want to say’. 

I sat down and started looking for contact details for Air Asia (who my flight was with) and Nusatrip (who I had booked with). I was emailing and messaging them for aaaaages and decided to try to call them. Of course, I ran out of credit.

I left the airport to go buy credit at a Yomart around the corner. When I arrived I noticed an Air Asia office next door. ‘I wonder why that first guy in uniform didn’t tell me the Air Asia office is close by?’ I thought. 

I went into the Air Asia office and they told me the flight had been rescheduled to depart at 1.15pm. I was freaking the fuck out, like, ‘Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?’ Apparently Nusatrip emailed me and AirAsia texted. I have a few emails from Nusatrip that went into my Spam folder because they were dated 1970??!! But nothing about rescheduled flights. AirAsia were missing a digit from my phone number. I guess that’s NusaTrip’s fault. I don’t know because Air fucking Asia haven’t replied to any of my requests for information. 

So, today consists of sitting at the airport for 6 hours without my laptop, unable to get a headstart on work next week.Tonight, hopefully, I will see my friend. And tomorrow I’ll be back at the airport to fly back here. 



Taman Hutan Raya and Lembang

There’s so many nice things to do on the outskirts of Bandung. I did a couple of nice trips; one to Taman Hutan Raya, which is a national park with loads of trees, caves, monkeys, and waterfalls, and then another trip to Lembang which has hot-springs. I got to wear a scarf to and from the hot springs because it was so cold – can you believe it? Indonesia in a scarf!