Moving along

I left Bandung a little over a week ago. I flew to Singapore and spent a couple of days there eating palak paneer. I flew back to Bali and stayed for a week in the home-stay I usually stay in when I come over for holidays from Bangers. Although the home-stay is very cheap by western standards, on my measly Indonesian wage, it’s way too expensive, and so I found a little kos kosan up the road.

I was a little uncertain about moving into the kos. I looked at a cheaper option a little further up the road, and almost took it – but changed my mind. I felt it was too small, had essentials I don’t need (hot water and AC), and was missing things I felt were essential. I moved into my new little space a few days ago and it’s aces. It’s light, bright, and airy. It has a fan, high ceilings, lots of cupboards, a kitchen with a fridge, a stove, and a toaster!!! As soon as I realised I had a toaster, a fridge, and a stove I ran out and bought good bread and butter, hello vegemite breakfasts.

It just feels so right. I was planning to only stay a month and then moving closer to where I will be working (I start in July), but I  like it so much that I’m thinking I might commute (which may be hell – but I’ll give it a whirl).

I’ve been surfing and/or exploring most days. I plan to start an Indonesian language course soon, I’m going bike hunting today (currently riding a rental). It’s all so relaxing. I’m nervous about starting work in July but I’ll see how it goes.


I had said on FB and Instagram how I miss the sounds of the mosque in Bandung, but that it was nice that these types of offerings (below) are everywhere. Funnily enough, my new kos is next to a mosque so I get the best of both worlds : )



Snippets: A year in which I was pretty much too lazy/unmotivated/busy to write but just came across this draft.

Time. 6 months. Halfway through. At first I thought I’d never make it but now it’s slipping by. All in a rush, rush, rush. It couldn’t go fast enough but now it’s way too fast.

Rain. Wrapping myself up in a cheap-arse raincoat I bought for a couple of bucks from the local Circle-K. Makes me feel like a fat, green penguin. I keep it in the seat of my motorbike and use it daily. I lost my phone to the rain. Slipped it in the pocket of my jacket on the way home from Muay Thai. Rookie mistake.

Waves. I fly to Bali every other month for a fix. Short skirts, beer, waves, a breath of relief from the stares and the questions. I relax in the green of the waves. Wrecked arms, a satiated heart. A flight back home in the nighttime.

Time. 8 months. Hating it. Can’t get back to the water soon enough. Every spare second I’m planning lessons or teaching. Too. Much. Work. Stressed. Computers breaking. Covering shifts. No fucking paper in the printer. Photocopier dead.

Time. 9 -10 months. Executing well-made plans. Time off. A flight. A pile of resumés. A map. A list of schools. A moto. Work clothes. Interviewed on second day. Now I’ll just go surfing.

Time. 10 months. Happy. Sad. Moto sold (my baaaaaaby). Throwing things. Giving things away. Packing. Planning. Documents. Time flying. Time standing still. Told contract finishes a week earlier than I expected, yusss. Counting down the days; this many days, this many work days, a holiday,  return, this many days, this many work days. Done.

Time. 11 months. A holiday. 11 days of water, salt, and waves. 16 more days. 10 more work days.

Time. 12 months. Aaaaaaand, scene. Bye-Bye, Bangers, good-bye.



I think our love is coming to an end

Street art graffiti painted on a fence. A barreling wave.

My contract finishes here in a little under two weeks. I sold my moto a few weeks ago and I’ve been Go-jeking around. I’m not sad or excited; I’m in preparation mode.

Work offered to renew my contract here in Bangers for good money but it’s just too far away from the water. I spend all my money on flights to the waves. And, my surfing plateaus when I’m only surfing once a month; I spend the first two days in the water finding my sea-legs. I’m sad to leave my co-workers though,  and this weird city with very few Westerners.

I’ve been offered another contract (for terrible money) in a city with waves. It’s in a super touristy area which is kinda gross but I’m just going to try to surf every day for the year and make the most of it.


surf’s up

I flew to Bali from Java last Saturday for a week of surfing. After 2 months out of the water, it took me 4 days, really, to start feeling like I’m capable again. When I first arrived it was quite big and messy. I paddled out and caught waves but I just didn’t have the physical capability to get truly stuck into it; it really sucks how quickly I lose surf fitness.

It was only yesterday and today that I started to feel, yes! I bought a ‘new’ (second-hand) board. It utterly rips. Paddles well and is super fast. I really, really like it. I’d love a few weeks of getting to know it better, but alas, it’s back to work for me on Monday.



Smashing it in Cimaja

 I went to Cimaja for the Idul Fitri holiday week. Was so nice to get back in the water.

Wave at the end of the week:


Wave at the beginning of the week:


On the road again

So, treat weekend is this weekend. I’m pretty happy I splurged and bought the flight to Bali. I left Bandung at 6 am this morning and I arrive back in Bandung 8 pm tomorrow night. I’m spending about 38 hours away; pretty crazy, but I’ve been for two surfs today and I feel so much better.

My first surf I hired a tiny little board. The guy told me it was 6’0 which I’ve been wanting to try, but it was super narrow, like 18 3/4 inches. But I had a ball on it; It was ok to paddle, I caught waves fairly easily. I was a bit wobbly to begin with, but eventually It was fine. I got compliments, so I was happy.  When I hopped out of the water I checked the dimensions and it was actually a 5’10. I think if I had known that I wouldn’t have taken it out. So, I think the perfect board in my mind is 6’0, 19 1/4 wide and about 29L.

For the sunset surf I hired a board that I thought was going to be perfect, but I didn’t have a great session. It was 6’2, 19 3/4 wide with a squash tail. It was fairly easy to paddle, but it was quite thick so I found it a little hard to turn. BUUUUUT, I was so tired from the earlier session. Like, I didn’t realise how tired I was until now, I can’t actually move my right arm properly (great). That’s what you get when you haven’t surfed for a month and then you do 4 hours.

Anyway, that’s me tonight. Smashed and tired and happy. I’m going to have a nice hot shower, and then snuggle up and listen to the rain, and then go for more waves tomorrow… YAY