Moving along

I’m heading back to Indonesia. I’m pretty excited. I’m not sad to leave Suratthani at all. I liked the school, my co-workers, management, and the students, but I’m not a huge fan of the city. I’ve been sick almost the entire time I’ve been here – with some kind of recurring cold/flu thing and I’ve been wondering if there’s a lot of pollution, ’cause my chest is all fucked up. It’s dirty here, man. It’s hot, and there’s not too much to do. I liked my schedule and I liked getting out of the city. I’m glad I didn’t sign on for another year.

I have two months before I have to start my next job and I’m going to surf my brains out. I can’t wait. Every time I think about it, I get a rush of adrenaline and my stomach flips over. I have all these fears, like, what if I’ve lost all my ability and I paddle out and totally kook all over the place? Then I’ll never get any respect and I won’t get any waves. I know that I have to paddle straight out the back and catch a wave, but I’m worried I won’t be fit enough.  I was thinking I should just paddle out and sit on the shoulder and catch a few waves there to make sure I don’t totally fuck up, but then I realised, if I fuck around on the shoulder then people are going to try and dominate me. Surfing is such a beautiful mind fuck.

I cannot wait.


Leaving Town

I’m leaving town in a few days. Going surfing (oh my god). I took some photos over the weekend in an attempt to do the photo101 weekend gallery. I think the only shot that fits the criteria for the weekend prompt (practice any/all of the previous week’s prompts and techniques) is the tables with the light structure in the background. I guess it’s an establishing shot; it’s wide-angle, with a foreground and background.  I don’t know though, those types of images feel too ‘crowded’ for me, so I never really like them. I really like pictures of dirty old buildings though : )

Anyway, goodbye town, you were quite the experience.



Awwwwwww guys, I got nothing. You know, I really just wanna go back to posting pics of electricity poles.

Anyway, I’m cheating. This is from January, and I don’t know how rules of thirdsy it is either. I might even have posted it before? Shit, I don’t know. I know I’ve said it before; I love the mornings here. I love going across the road and grabbing dumplings, donuts, and coffee. I sit in a morning reverie, until it’s time to go work or play.




I can’t believe the Photo101 assignment for today is Bliss. It’s so perfect.

When I was a kid, I lived in a house with a pool. My bedroom was next to the pool, and my dad and I painted my room blue. In the mornings the reflection of the sun on the water would reflect across my bedroom walls. My dad taught me to surf, and as you know, surfing is my bliss. But I just love the water, and today I spent the entire day flitting around in the Andaman Sea.

My co-worker and I are in Khao Lak for our weekend. We did a day trip to the Similan Islands. It was pretty amazing; I’ve never seen water so blue (I saw turtles too).


Sky Lanterns 

We arrived in Khao Lak. It took freaking ages to get here, but it’s a cute little town on the coast with a backdrop of lovely green hills and trees, so it was worth it.

We found accommodation and booked a day trip to the islands tomorrow, and then we went for a walk and a swim.

I’m really enjoying the challenge of completing the photography assignments daily, but I thought I wouldn’t find the time or subject matter to complete today’s task. As we were walking along the beach though, we saw some tourists setting off this sky lantern. It’s a bit of a cheat, but it is over water?